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About Cody Andrus Hicks

CAH Land Surveying is a reputable company led by Cody Hicks that offers a wide range of land surveying services. With their advanced technologies and meticulous approach, they provide accurate measurements, analysis, and mapping of land for residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects. They specialize in subdivisions and boundary line adjustments, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating property division. CAH Land Surveying also offers comprehensive mapping services, including topographic mapping and cadastral mapping, providing valuable information for engineering projects, land development, and property transactions. With their commitment to excellence and attention to detail, CAH Land Surveying, led by Cody Hicks, is a trusted partner in supporting informed decision-making and efficient planning in the land surveying field.


Cody Andrus Hicks, L.S. is a Pawlet Vermont Native with over 14 years of experience in a wide variety of land surveying projects spanning throughout the northeast. He is a graduate from Paul Smith's College with a Degree in Applied Science & Surveying Technology. Cody has a deep grasp of not only the fundamentals and principles of land surveying but also a great understanding of the history behind land surveying - particularly in the northeast. He has been involved with boundary surveys ranging from 1/4 acre lots in small towns and cities to large 400 acre retracement surveys within the Adirondack Mountains. Cody's experience in construction stakeout projects is unmatched in our area - spanning 40 mile natural gas pipelines in Pennsylvania to transmission line Right-of-Way surveys in various counties throughout New York. He brings to our firm an impressive array of skills in high precision anchor bolt surveys/construction layout work as well as bathymetric surveys of ponds, lakes, and rivers - recently adding a 20 mile stretch of the Connecticut River to his resume.

Cody working in Pawlet Vermont


2009 - 2011

Associate's Degree

Paul Smith's College

Cody holds an Associate's Degree in Land Surveying and Applied Sciences which offers specialized knowledge in surveying techniques and technologies.

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