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Survey Equipment, Vermont

Subdivisions & Boundary Line Adjustments

CAH Land Surveying specializes in offering professional services for Subdivisions & Boundary Line Adjustments. With their expertise and meticulous attention to detail, they provide clients with accurate and reliable solutions for dividing larger properties into smaller lots through the subdivision process. Whether it's for residential or commercial purposes, CAH Land Surveying ensures that the subdivision is conducted in compliance with local regulations and requirements, taking into account factors such as zoning, setbacks, and access points. Additionally, they offer Boundary Line Adjustments to modify or realign existing property lines, addressing issues such as encroachments or boundary disputes. Through their precise measurements and advanced surveying techniques, CAH Land Surveying assists clients in navigating the complex procedures involved in subdivisions and boundary line adjustments, helping them achieve their desired outcomes while maintaining the integrity and legal compliance of the land. 

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